Desktop AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle

Desktop AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle

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Desktop AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle


Desktop AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle

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Technical Spec

 Size: 340*290mm

 Weight: ≤15kg

l  Load: ≥5kg

l  Working voltage: 12V

l  Charging method: external charger

l  Continuous working time: 4 hours

l  Operating speed: 0-6m/min

l  Climbing angle: ≤3°

l  Communication method: WIFI

l  Navigation method: magnetic navigation+ RFID

l  Driving mode: four-wheel drive +mecanum wheel

l  Control method: WIFI control (PLC/PC)

l  Positioning accuracy: ±5mm

I.Equipment Overview

AGV is the abbreviation of automated guided vehicle, which means "automatic guided vehicle". It refers to the transport vehicle equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guidance device, which can drive along the specified guidance path, has safety protection and various load transfer functions, and does not need driver in industrial application. It uses rechargeable battery as its power source. Generally, the route and behavior can be controlled by computer, or the route can be set by electromagnetic path following system. The electromagnetic track is pasted on the floor, and the unmanned vehicle moves and moves according to the information brought by the electromagnetic track.

AGV is characterized by wheeled movement. Compared with walking, crawling or other non wheeled mobile robots, AGV has the advantages of fast action, high efficiency, simple structure, strong controllability and good safety. Compared with other equipment commonly used in material transportation, AGV activity area does not need to lay track, support frame and other fixed devices, and is not limited by site, road and space. Therefore, in the automated logistics system, it can fully reflect its automaticity and flexibility, and realize efficient, economic and flexible unmanned production.

II. Advantages of AGV

(1) High degree of automation;

It is controlled by computer, electronic control equipment and laser reflector.

When auxiliary materials are needed in a certain link of the workshop, the staff will input relevant information to the computer terminal, and the computer terminal will send the information to the central control room, and the professional technicians will send instructions to the computer. With the cooperation of the electronic control equipment, this instruction will be finally received and executed by AGV - the auxiliary materials will be sent to the corresponding place.

(2) Beautiful, improve the degree of appreciation, so as to improve the image of the enterprise.

(3) Convenient, reduce the floor area; AGV car in the production workshop can shuttle back and forth in each workshop.

III. System composition of AGV

Control system: in general, the control system of AGV is composed of dispatching system, vehicle control system, navigation system and sensor system.

In this system, the operation scheduling of AGV can be realized by PLC or PC scheduling software;

High performance 32-bit MCU STM32 is used in vehicle control system;

The navigation and positioning system is realized by magnetic stripe navigation and RFID positioning;

The sensor system is mainly composed of anti-collision sensors and various control switches.

Basic hardware: it is mainly composed of AGV body, power part, drive part and some peripheral equipment.

In the power and drive part, the AGV is powered by lithium battery, the chassis drive mainly relies on four DC reduction motors to complete various motion control of the chassis, and the lifting control of the tray is realized by an electric push rod.

Other peripherals are mainly composed of some panels and mounting brackets of various electrical components.

 IV.      AGV Technical Parameter

Navigation   mode

Magnetic   stripe navigation

way to control

Single-chip motion control/controller centralized scheduling

With function

Fully automatic/semi-automatic/manual

Walking direction

Forward,backward, rotate in place, turn left and right

Communication   function

WIFI wireless communication

Drive way

Mecanum  wheel omni-directional drive


DC gear motor/DC12V

Carrying capacity


Work often


Power supply

DC12V lithium battery


Ultrasonic sensor

Running speed

20RPM-40RPM adjustable

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