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Nobel NBL-7200S Automatic 1+1 Servo drive mask making machine

Apr. 15, 2021

Nobel NBL-7200S Automatic 1+1 Servo drive mask making machine



Nobel NBL-7200S servo drive mask making machine is used for the full-automatic molding of disposable flat masks: after unwinding the whole roll of fabric, it is driven by a roller, and it is automatically folded and wrapped; the nose bar is pulled by the whole roll and unwound, and after a fixed length is cut, it is imported into the wrapped fabric, upper and bottom and both sides are sealed by ultrasonic welding, and then cut and formed by a cutter; the mask body is transported to the earloop welding station through the line, and the mask is finally formed by ultrasonic welding; when the mask is finished, it is transported to the belt through the line for collect.

II. Technical parameter

1. Production efficiency: 100-130pcs/ min;

2. Qualified rate of equipment production: > 95% (except for unqualified materials and improper operation of employees);

3. Equipment can adapt to the specifications of incoming materials and production products

III. Process flow


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